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In THE LIQUIDS  KIT, we have our three best selling products to keep your lashes locked in, with long wear times & damage free removal.

Our LIQUIDS KIT includes:
  • Bond
  • Sealer
  • Remover

Please ensure when applying & removing your lashes, that you are following our below instructions to ensure you beautiful lashes stay DAMAGE FREE.

HOW TO apply bond

  1. Apply our LLC bond to the very root of your lashes & comb through your lashes with the remainder of product on the wand - less is more! 
  2. Use our Lash Applicator to apply the clusters directly under your natural lashes. Once completed, pinch the LLC lashes & your natural lashes together with our applicator. 
  3. Use our LLC Sealer to enhance the wear of your lashes & to remove any sticky residue.

    *Always conduct a patch test before use*Ingredients: Acrylates, Aqua & Carbon Black

Our LLC Sealer is used to enhance the wear time of your new lash set, set the bond & remove any sticky residue. 


  1. Apply your LLC lashes as per usual.
  2. Apply our LLC sealer as if you were applying mascara. Coat over all the lashes & you're done! 

*Always conduct a patch test before use*Ingredients: acrylates, aqua, propylene glycol & ethylhexyl glycerin.

how to apply remover

  1. Gently comb through the top & bottom of your your LLC set to loosen the seal. Continue to comb through & watch the LLC lashes glide off.
  2. Once you have removed your LLC lashes, you will still have bond residue on your natural lashes. To remove, please repeat the above. Alternatively, use an oil based makeup remover on a cotton pad to help speed up the process.
  3. Before reapplying your lashes, ensure to cleanse your eye area. If there is any oil residue left on the lashes your wanting to apply or your natural lashes, the lashes will not adhere.

*Always conduct a patch test before use*
Ingredients: White mineral oil, isododecane, laureth-4, tween 80 & phenoxyethanol, ethylhexylglycerin.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
LOVING my lazy lash club eyelashes!!

I recently got the lazy lash club set and OMG they were so easy to put on it was incredible! I’ve had so many compliments and people thinking they were lash extensions done professionally.
They have lasted so well as I’m always in the chlorine for my work and swimming!
I’ve highly recommended to some of my friends🎀💞💝

Emily Nicholls
Liquid Set

I have been wearing LLC for a year now, hands down the best invention ever!!

Teneal Thompson
The best lashes ever!

I was looking around for DIY eyelash extensions on Tiktok and found KOOTS! Straight away I went onto the website and ordered. They only took 2 days to arrive and it is honestly the best decision I have made. The lashes last me 7+ days when applied with the sealer. The Full Glam lashes 16mm and 14mm when stacked will look like mega volumes you get professionally done. Order them now, you won't regret it! 🥰

What a product

I saw KOOTS LLC on TikTok and thought I can do that! So I ordered it…. When it came I was intimidated and second guessed myself…… DO NOT SLEEP ON THIS PURCHASE!!
I shocked myself at how well I applied these lashes with these easssy to use products!
It’s no joke 5-10 days of wear! You can take them off earlier than that if you want but oh my they are a game changer!
Never having to wait for an expensive fill again and having that awkward 3 lashes left look.
12/10 thank for this amazing product I’m so happy I stumbled across KOOTS ❤️

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