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You can create your own dreamy set of DIY lash extensions, using our Lazy Lash Club collection. If applied as directed, your lashes will last 7+ days & look like you've just paid a professional to apply them. Good news is, all our Lazy Lash Club products are vegan + cruelty free. Pretty cool, huh? 

All Lazy Lash Club lashes are reusable if cared for correctly. Each single length lash ribbon provides 2-3 sets & each multi length pack provides 4-6 sets depending on eye size, application & style of your desired look.

Did you know that you can double stack/mix & match your lashes to create your perfect custom set?

*Only lashes are included in this purchase*
Team with our applicator for the perfect application! You can also purchase our bond, sealer & remover here.


  1. Choose a style & length you like.
  2. Cut the lash ribbon down into segments of 1-2 clusters using our Scissors
  3. Apply the Bond directly to the root of your natural lashes in a stamping/wiggling motion. Less is more with this product. 
    (Do not comb through your lashes with the bond like a mascara)
  4. Use our Lash Applicator to apply the clusters directly under your natural lashes. 
  5. Once complete, apply our Sealer directly on top of where you applied your Bond. This will enhance the wear time of your lashes & remove any sticky residue.
    (Do not comb through your lashes with the Sealer like a mascara. This will leave a white residue on your lashes)
  6. Once complete, clamp the LLC lashes & your natural lashes together with our Lash Applicator
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

If you want that full volume look, these lashes are for you!

Love, love,love!!

These are the best lashes! So lightweight and extremely easy to apply and reuse. I love how I can create different looks with the multiple styles and even double stack. I always get so many comments on my KOOTS lashes because they look fantastic and so much like extensions. Also the customer service is next level!

Danni Dimond

I’m obsessed with these lashes, they look exactly like lash extensions but so much more affordable and if any come out, you can easily fix them yourself. If you look after them they are re usable. This is honestly life changing for me, I love that I can look all glammed up whenever I want and it takes 5 minutes for me to put them on. And best of all, no damage to your natural lashes! Highly recommend this product

Teneal Thompson

The best DIY lashes ever! The lashes last me 7+ days when applied with the sealer. The Full Glam lashes 16mm and 14mm when stacked will look like mega volumes you get professionally done. Order them now, you won't regret it! 🥰

Tayla Combe
I loveeeee KOOTS!

I cannot fault these lashes! Living in a small town where lash artists are hard to come by can be tricky and expensive if you do find a good one! When my lash lady went on maternity leave I struggled to get appointments until I found KOOTS! It is so easy now having to do my lashes when I can’t live without them, especially when I have an event coming up and I need a fresh set I can do them on my own and in under 20 minutes! They are an absolute game changer, I recommend them to everyone in my town! The service is amazing and I couldn’t be happier with the out come from purchase to applying them! X

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  • LASH

  • SEAL


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